Saturday, 30 November 2013

Glazing the Ork skin step-by-step, part 1

A while ago I bought a box of Ork Stormboyz for Warhammer 40k. Typically of me I painted one of them and shove the rest in a drawer. Here you can see my first Stormboy. Today I took one of the other 4 boys and decided to give it a go. It will be an interesting experiment to see if my skill evolved at all in the past 11 months. Let's start with the skin.
(To all of you waiting for my Malifaux figures I have bad news: I broke the 1st Torakage mini while applying finishing touches... It looks pretty bad after gluing it back together so I might need to strip it)

Part I: base and shades

This time I went with a black primer and white, zenithal over-spray. I usually go for solid white primer, let's see how things go with a different approach.
Todays painting session was all about glazing. First I painted the base color in, using multiple very thin layers (almost glaze thin actually, but I covered the whole skin with it).

Next I painted in shadows. I've added a bit of Tan paint (VGC) into my green base and glazed it in.
To deepen the shadows I've added a dark brown color into the glaze mix and painted the deepest and most hidden areas and crevasses with it. 
Last step for today was the re-application of the base green color, also using the glazing technique. I did that to smooth out blends here and there and give some areas more saturation.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I will apply the highlights and maybe deepen the shadows once more if necessary. What do you think? Does this Ork need more contrast in his skintone or are those shadows enough?

Stay tuned for part II, coming tomorrow :)


  1. He looks great. I bet when you push the highlights the shadows will be even deeper. You can always push those more later if need be. Will you add any purple or pink to vary the skin tone at all while you highlight?

    1. Thanks! I do plan on adding the purple, but I haven't decided if to add it everywhere or only on the arms, leaving the face more bright. Maybe it will be purple on the arms and red on the face, I don't know yet :) But there will be some variation for sure.

  2. Great Start , and effect Adam, i follow .
    Cheers .

  3. Looking good. Will you be painting the skin to completion before doing the armour?

    1. Thanks, yeah I do plan to complete the skin first this time. It's more fun this way ;)