Friday, 5 August 2016

1/700 ORP Ślązak

First ship I've built, IBG Models 1/700 ORP Ślązak, British Hunt II class destroyer escort given to Polish Navy in 1942. Fun project, finished some time ago, but today I did some finishing touches to the water and made the photo. Proper photo session coming some other day, after mowing I don't have any decent photo setup yet... 

I had huge problems with rigging, it's quite difficult in this scale and with elements that tiny. Also the water effect could look a bit better.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

New/Old WIPs: Genestealer Patriach and Longbeard

After nearly a year break I've finished basecoating the Longbeard. I planned to do NMM only on him, but then I would never finish the mini. True metalics it is:

Too many metalics in fact, and lots of mistakes to correct. Looks better in real than on the photo - I can't find a good setup to photograph after moving to a different flat. Will make proper photo session at work when I'm done with this figure. 

I also started working on GW's Deathwatch Overkill mini, the Genestealer Patriach, so far I did only basecoats and a little initial shading and highlighting. I like the minis from this set a lot, so expect more if I don't get lazy again ;)

I'm also working on / finishing up several scale models in 1/72, 1/35, 1/700 and 1/350 so more updates coming soon! For quick photo updates please visit my FB page: 

Thanks for watching!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

ORP Ślązak 1/700 WIP

My first ship ever attempt - IBG Models 1/700 ORP Ślązak Hunt II class destroyer escort from World War II period, still lots to do - general clean up (you can see badly pooled wash here and there...), rigging, base. Lots and fun and quite a strain on the eyes :D

If you visited my new facebook page I wanted to use a bit more, you've probably noticed that it was basically dead. The reason for that is me being swamped at work, I did quite a bit of modeling, came back to my dwarf figure even, but didn't have time and energy to make good photos and write stuff. I'm not saying it will improve now, but I'll try! :) Thanks for watching and reading, please leave a comment about the ship :)